Monday, February 25, 2013

New Black Box machine (Puzzle 6)

I've cobbled together a new black box machine, for your amusement.

If you email or DM me your simple-as-possible description of what it's doing, and if it's right, I'll send out a kudos tweet to the world. I'll stop after a few.

Report bugs widely, but please include me on their distribution. I know of at least three: one with fonts, another on resize, and the differing UI on the logo/? buttons.

Here's a big one, if you prefer.

I think I may have finally got far enough with the transition to AS3 (which may make it simpler to port to HTML5).

If you like this, get the last seat on my Amsterdam workshop. Orange button, top left of the blog.

Cheers - James

P.S. Apologies for the formatting problems which I assume will turn up here. MacJournal's decided to change how it blogs, so I'm using Blogger directly. Yikes. Formatting problems, default behaviour troubles, "can't save" warnings. Shocker.

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