Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bit of a gap?

A few of you have gently but reasonably taken me to task for apparently dropping the "How to Manage Exploratory Testing" series right in the middle.

Well, this is a blog; it's more of a resting pace for the half-baked than fertile soil for the half grown. You may be relieved to know that there is plenty more to come*.

Let's see, however, what the readership want. I have stuff on

  • The joy of reviewing 407 abstracts for EuroSTAR – tools, pathologies, the lessons I took away about how I might write a better abstract.
  • How Fear influences Strategy, and other hand-wavy ideas
  • Lessons from the Stanford AI course, and what a (moderately) sapient tool based in current technologies might help us to do
  • More Black Box machines (these ones record stuff, I hope)
  • Something very interactive, very testing, very systems, but nothing like the black box things.
  • How to test Spreadsheets (vital, often overlooked, perhaps now getting attention. My potential contribution has been half-baked for years now, so help me push it over the edge)
  • What it felt like to read the Weekend Testing sessions on something I wrote.
  • Opportunity vs control, secrets vs lies, and the extension of the imagination. Will involve my hands waving fast enough to tingle.
  • Peer relationships in peer conferences, and how I feel about LEWT
  • The next in the Managing ET series. I'm particularly looking forward to the ones on SBT, the Enquiring Metricator, and Lenfle. 

Which of these float your boat?

* but let's hope it's not as poorly-written as the wretched 'off-piste' entry. Or, indeed, the preceding metaphor in the § above. Blogs may be hardly-read, but that's no reason for them to be awful to read.