Tuesday, April 28, 2009

London Exploratory Testing, 2-3 July 2009

Getting a Grip on Exploratory Testing will happen in London, on 2-3 July.

We're at the lovely Royal Statistical Society, near the Barbican, just north of the City.

I've kept close to last year's prices, and even managed a small reduction (you get a buffet lunch in 2009...), so it's £630+VAT. There's an early-bird discount, so if you book and pay before June 8th, you'll get 10% off (£567+VAT). Email me to register, or get into the online registration here: Online registration

This is the course I teach at corporate clients (recently Google and Nokia). It's very hands-on, with exercises and discussions driving the workshop. You'll discover:

  • The test design skills to probe a system and trigger a bug
  • The analysis skills to model the system and understand a bug
  • The discipline to manage your exploration and sustain your bug rate
Exploratory testing is a disciplined approach used to uncover risks and surprises in real systems. It's a great complement to the massive confirmatory testing found on agile projects, and a necessary skill for agile testers, and for any other tester who needs to do more than simply verify that a system is working as expected. Test managers find this course useful for reconnecting with their test skills, and for understanding the challenges of effectively managing a team that is making good use of ET.