Friday, December 14, 2012

Modelling super powers

tl; dr it's not just the tactics that matter

In this scenario, I've modelled five testers. Each has a super power.

  • One logs bugs more easily than the others – effectively, they log as many bugs as they can see. The others can only log 10 bugs for each bit of budget they consume.
  • One only logs big bugs – bugs with a cost of 10 or more. The others log any bug they find.
  • One learns three times more effectively than the others.
  • One switches tactic twice as often.
  • One finds it easier to retain their skills after switching tactic.
What difference might each of these qualities make?

Run the exercise a few times. Make some changes. You may find it easier fullscreen, and of course the XML is available to play with. Does the model match your experience?

More to the point, perhaps, how are you comparing the different testers in the model? How do you compare real testers on your team?

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