Monday, March 11, 2013

New Black Box Machine – Puzzle 6a

Puzzle 6 seems to have been a bit "easy" for some.

Here, then, is Puzzle 6a. Two more buttons.

Again, email or DM me your simple-as-possible description of what it's doing. If it's right close to reasonable, I'll send out a kudos tweet to the world. I'll stop after a few. Note: I won't be online much over the next few days.

Puzzle 6 had good descriptions from David Greenlees (@MartialTester,, Jahira Banu (@ajbanu), and Vince Seese.

My Exploratory Testing Workshop in the Netherlands went rather well. I'm wondering where to do the next, and I'm considering June in Eastern Europe or July in London or Oxford. If you want to tell me where to go next (and get a hefty discount when registration opens), tell me over here.

 Cheers - James

Here's a big one, if you prefer.