Sunday, August 04, 2013

Black Box Machines: Puzzles 7 and 8

Just like busses, you wait for ages, then two turn up at once. Here are Puzzles 7 and 8. The similarities with Puzzle 6 / 6a are entirely intentional.

Email or DM me your simple-as-possible description of what it's doing. If it's close to reasonable, I'll send out a kudos tweet to the world. I'll stop after a few.

You'll note that there is a new "Camera" icon. This isn't an intentional part of the puzzle (though I expect there's an unexpected interaction with something in Puzzle 8). I've added a facility that I'll be using at my upcoming EuroSTAR tutorial: it lets you have a different perspective on what you've been doing. I'd be delighted to hear your views and discoveries. It'll need some improvement before it hits primetime, and I don't expect to get it right without your help.

Cheers -

Here's a big Puzzle 7 and a big Puzzle 8, if you prefer.