Friday, July 01, 2011

Something for the Weekend? 001 (zero-padded in hope)

Wil Shipley writes code; I use tools he has had a hand in* at least weekly, more so when I’m onsite**. He seems to be an auteur, involved in all stages of translating ideas into code into cash. He also writes words – copiously, but no longer regularly as far as his blog is concerned. A few years ago, he wrote up a narrative describing his thought processes and discoveries as he worked through a rotten bug. It’s called The Greatest Bug of All, and is packed with meaty goodness.

For those of you who are more visual, those who are interested in variation and multiples, or those fascinated by the anonymous human touch, here is Stephen Wragg’s collection of walking men. Note the specification.


* typically OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle, although Shipley has moved on since to focus on Delicious Library, which I don’t use so actively.
** If I’m allowed to use my own kit…

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