Wednesday, December 09, 2009

TestLab Followup - not yet...

Bart Knaack and I ran the "TestLab" at EuroSTAR. I've got lots to write about it - but unfortunately (or fortunately) I came back to an unexpected job in the UK. I'll post conclusions, bugs, pictures and more in a day or two. I've not yet submitted the bugs to OpenEMR, either. It will all happen, but not immediately!

For now, read Michael Bolton's blog postings Bravo! and Best Bug, or Rikard Edgren's Notes.

Cheers -



  1. Congrats on the unexpected job, hope it's an interesting one.

  2. hi,
    I'm an OpenEMR Developer. Would be awesome if I could get your bug report. Feel free to email it to . Placing these all on our bug tracker at source forge may take you awhile. i'll put it on our wiki.